About me

All I need is food, shelter, and a guitar.
Most of my yoga and my meditation is musical.

PART 1- Guitar Stuff

I am here to help. I would say my mission, as far as the guitar is concerned, is to make playing as easy as possible, thereby decreasing suffering and increasing joy.

I am convinced it will require some electricity.

I know a thing or two about playing marathon sessions, so to speak, having done quite a bit of busking. When I want to be loud enough to be heard over traffic, but don’t feel like dragging along a mic and mic stand along with everything else, I will often just use my Zoom G5 pedal for a basic drum track and to record a rhythm loop, and then do solo improvisation for extended periods, non-stop, no vocals.

My favorite brag to make is that my hip went out before my wrists did toward the end of a particularly shred-filled weekend. I almost always stand when I play, and I had played about 14 hours each day for three days. I got bursitis in my hip from standing in place for such long periods. My wrists felt super though.

My endurance and speed, which I personally believe ain’t too shabby, are of course partly attributable to simply having worked those particular muscles so much. However, a largely overlooked part of the equation is the extent to which the ease of my playing is being facilitated by my wristrest, extremely low action, very light picking, good posture, and guitar stabilization. I like to make any given task as easy as possible, especially if I plan to repeat the motion about a gajillion times. By assuming there has to be a better way, this optimist optimized.

I have been given a gift of knowledge, which in turn has brought me joy. I believe that my solemn duty, the appropriate course of action after the receipt of such a precious gift, is to disseminate it. It is very uncommon for me to give up time that could be otherwise be spent playing to do anything else for an extended period of time. So if you know me, you know the fact that I went through the trouble of making a whole website indicates that this is serious business. I would be writing this whether I stood to gain from it or not because I believe that the information I present to you has, in my own hands, facilitated some of the most joyous, sublime, exhilarating, expressive and free moments in my life. I would be failing myself and my fellow Creators were I to hoarde or further delay the release of my findings.
I hope that those without enough money to buy my own handiwork, but with eyes to see the potential fun and ease of using a Wristrest, will take the trouble to make their own. I am happy to answer questions regarding construction, though I think the design may be simple enough to be self-explanatory. I have not patented, copyrighted, or trademarked anything. I would much rather work on helping guitarists than to dilly-dally and delay by trying to protect my financial “best interests” via lengthy (and boring) legal paperwork and processes.

I know eventually someone will get them made in China, and sell them for less. Please buy from me anyway. I will do my best to switch to a less laborious manufacturing method and thereby lower prices.

I apologize in advance for anything I may write that comes across as snobby and/or exceedingly obvious (snobvious). I may feel it is necessary to say things like “there are twelve notes in the chromatic scale” just in case a newb is reading. Please be so graceful as to regard it as reinforcement, or just bear with me. There may be some reading who regard themselves as very advanced initiates into the mysteries of guitar playing. The wise among them will trust that I have strewn sufficient arcanum along a path paved with the mundane to make a worthwhile journey even for them.



PART 2- Everything Else



I know this woman who was so kind it blew my mind.

I enjoy golf, gardening, joking, singing, calligraphy, imagining, inventing, thinking, volunteering, cooking, reading, trying to understand women, and trying to not try to understand women. I write a lot of lyrics but haven’t put too many to music yet. I want to start a fem-rock band/movement. A big enough mutiny might turn this ship around. I also want to get simple and cheap hydroponics setups made out of PVC pipe hanging in the windows of every household so as to decentralize food, increase winter production and fresh winter produce, improve health and nutrition, decrease water consumption, and to some extent, liberate mankind. I call it Hooked on ‘Ponics. The pipes literally hook on. (Update: This could be done more economically and sustainably and beautifully with repurposed wood instead of PVC.)

This has been full of green stuff, would be green if I hadn't been working so hard on this site, and will be green again soon. Those are germinated dwarf sugarsnap pea shoots in the tray.
This has been full of green stuff, would be green if I hadn’t been working so hard on this site, and will be green again soon. Those are germinated dwarf sugarsnap pea shoots in the tray.

I don’t drink. I do partake in the use of the sacrament Cannabis. I live in Albany, New York. I am twenty-eight years old.

I play a Parker PDF85 and use a Zoom G5 multi-effects pedal/amp simulator. I use Cleartone 9’s for strings. No one paid me to say any of that. If someone would like to pay me for saying that, I have no objection.

Ell Fitzgerald and Beverly Kenney are the best. If you haven’t heard of them, do yourself a favor and look them up.