The Guitarist and the Guitar Wrist.

Hello, guitar pickers of the world!


First things first. IMAGINE PEACE! Ok, moving right along…

Welcome to my first blog. Hopefully this is love at first site. My name is Garrett McCluskey and my mission is to share some information and insight regarding the mechanics and physics of guitars that has been truly invaluable to me. I will show you how much easier and more fun it is to play when you play the way of least resistance, broadening your creative capabilities, unleashing your potential, increasing fret-hand and pick-hand agility, extending play-time, vanquishing pain and discomfort, improving your musicianship and your quality of life.

There is some good news and some bad news.


The bad news first… you’re doing it wrong. Everyone has been. Your technique and mechanics are highly inefficient, and even injurious given a sufficient span of time. The good news is that there is much room for improvement, and I have invented a device which, while simple enough to look at, has a complex array of benefits attributable to its usage.

It can:

  1. Banish your tendonitis/carpal-tunnel forever
  2. Increase the amount of time you can play without fatigue
  3. Improve consistency, precision, and accuracy
  4. Reduce effort expenditure, or in other words, increase efficiency, thereby making you a more streamlined guitar-playing machine
  5. And, best for last… it can INCREASE your SPEED
Ooooh, shiny!
Ooooh, shiny!

My design utilizes polished high-purity stainless steel, which to my knowledge offers the least amount of friction of any material. As anyone with any mechanical or engineering knowledge will tell you, unnecessary friction is to be avoided like the plague. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I can almost guarantee that your method of playing exhibits vast quantities of it. If you want to come closer to playing perpetually, you must eliminate the number one enemy of perpetual motion, FRICTION.

Another tell-tale sign of a poorly designed machine is high margin of error. If the results are not reliable and repeatable, what good is the machine? If the angle of your pick varies several degrees, or if its height varies several millimeters, or even just one millimeter from one stroke to the next, what good are your mechanics? No good, I say. Sorry, not sorry, sometimes the truth hurts. Don’t be ashamed; after all, the guitar greats up to this point got by just fine without wrist support. However, they could have been greater. So can you.

This gadget, as I’ve stated, is very simple to make. If you should elect to make your own, right on, I support you. However, gathering all necessary tools and material and spending all the necessary time will more likely than not prove to be more costly for you than paying me to make one. I would be happy to do so. After all, division of labor is the principle which removes friction from the machine of society. Furthermore, should you decide to give me the pleasure of making your Distressed Wristrest, it will be custom-made to ensure that it fits your guitar (I will require just one measurement and a picture/model number from you).

Price may be negotiable to those with very exceptional sob stories.

Stay tuned for my articles and tutorial videos on picking, Distressed Wristrest construction, guitar philosophy and more!

With love for you and the guitar,






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